How to Build My Dream Team

Effective Strategies for Recruiting, Managing, and Developing a High-Performing Team | taught by Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson Jr.
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Paul Wilson Jr., has been a champion for economic, social and spiritual empowerment for more than 15 years. As a business consultant, community developer and adjunct college professor, his teachings and writings have helped countless numbers of people around the world - from school classrooms to corporate boardrooms to NFL locker rooms to villages in Rwanda - successfully integrate their calling, career and community.

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Starting a business is easier than you think. That’s why I created this 7-week course to help you go from plan to launch in less than 60 days! The 7 weeks is broken down into 3 phases...

So what's your idea for a business? If you have been thinking about your business idea a lot, sometimes it can be very challenging to organize all your ideas in your head. It’s extremely important that you clarify your vision at the beginning of this process. I will walk you through multiple exercises that will help you streamline your ideas and lock in on exactly what you need to do.

Get your ideas out of your head and into a planning system that will build a business model around them. My

planning system will help you focus on developing a comprehensive business strategy including:

  • Product development
  • Target market identification
  • Branding, marketing, and sales for niche markets
  • Product distribution
  • Growth management
  • And more!!!


There's no time like the present to start your business. Develop a launch plan to open your business in 60 days. Your streamlined launch plan will position you to sharpen your focus on activities and efforts that will serve your target market more effectively and increase your ROI of time, effort, and money.

Course Contents

14 Texts
12.0 hrs