Make the Jump from Employee to Entrepreneur!

A Business Startup Guide to Help You Shift from Frustration to Fulfillment | taught by Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson Jr.
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Paul Wilson Jr., has been a champion for economic, social and spiritual empowerment for more than 15 years. As a business consultant, community developer and adjunct college professor, his teachings and writings have helped countless numbers of people around the world - from school classrooms to corporate boardrooms to NFL locker rooms to villages in Rwanda - successfully integrate their calling, career and community.

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Take charge of your career path with the bold leap into a fulfilling future. This interactive course helps you confirm and clarify your calling toward entrepreneurial work and supports you to create an entrance plan for the upcoming life transition. Make the most out of the flexible ‘Entrepreneur Economy’ and follow God’s path for you with confidence and open eyes.

Course Contents

3 Videos
6 Texts
3.0 hrs