Think Like the King (and Act Like His Son)!

Embrace the Mind of the Original Entrepreneur to Radically Transform Your Business | taught by Paul Wilson Jr.
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Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson Jr.
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Paul Wilson Jr., has been a champion for economic, social and spiritual empowerment for more than 15 years. As a business consultant, community developer and adjunct college professor, his teachings and writings have helped countless numbers of people around the world - from school classrooms to corporate boardrooms to NFL locker rooms to villages in Rwanda - successfully integrate their calling, career and community.

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God is the original and ultimate entrepreneur. And in order to experience a fulfilling and prosperous business career, we must become skilled at utilizing the divine characteristics of entrepreneurship. In this video series I present foundational spiritual characteristics and practical qualities of how to operate effectively with the mind of Christ in business as we utilize Holy Spirit-inspired entrepreneurial ideas to grow profitable businesses that honor God and change lives.

Course Contents

7 Videos
4 Texts
6.0 hrs